As you can tell from my posts today - my brain is overflowing, and I'm trying to get it out so I can process it all. It's nearly 9pm and I should go home, eat dinner, work on a side project, sleep... but it feels good to have my mind clear, my plate clear, to not worry that I won't remember something later. Clearly I need to balance out this tradeoff more, but... I'm not in a bad place right now. I'm actually in a pretty good one. The trick, as always, is to see what happens when the pace picks up.

Had one of those "wait, how did 4 hours pass, and is it really 3am now?" conversations with Mark last night; there's something satisfying in the sort of friendship where you can go months without contact and still know you'll be slugging it out, no-holds-barred, over your new ideas and directions within a few minutes of starting to talk again. I give him shit, he gives me shit, and we thereby keep each other honest.

Sebastian sent me "WAT," a brilliant 5-minute lightning talk on programming languages that left me howling with laughter. Via Karl Wurst came an insightful blog post on defaulting to closed and  Macneil Shonle's "Why I Will Randomly Assign Students in Group Projects." Fellow Olin alum Katie Rivard pointed me to Up The Ivy, an old satire of academic culture.

And now it's time for coffeehouse decompression with Velvet and Nikitha. Mmm... quiet time.