As Sebastian announced last night, we've just finished our talk on Open Source Textbooks and Collaboration Workflows at EduComm. The full talk notes and slides, along with installation and usage instructions, are available on the talk's website under a creative commons license, in the name of practicing what we preach. It was a great crowd, with lively questions (do practices like live note-taking disrupt a classroom? are there any communication tools that aren't primarily text-based?) and some good suggestions and feedback afterwards. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Several questions came up that led to more resources that weren't in the original talk. In particular, some attendees were interested in what next steps they could take to go further, so we referred them to the Professors' Open Source Summer Experience workshop that we run for faculty who are interested in integrating the open source way into their teaching.

We've got a little followup to do with individuals, but tonight's remaining agenda is to go to Disneyworld. My quest for tomorrow: I will somehow obtain the picture of Sebastian in a Mickey Mouse hat and myself in pirate gear that was taken almost immediately afterwards. Somehow.