Some of you may have heard that Robyn, Max, Sebastian, and I will be teaching a workshop on open source community participation to our fellow Red Hatters in Raleigh next week (June 8th, 2011). It's the first run of such a workshop, and remixes some of the things we've done at POSSE for a more general audience - in a sense, we're removing the discipline-specific ("you're a college professor!") parts and seeing how our stuff generalizes to folks already working in (open source) industry.

A bit of information on how this is all going forward: we're pilot-testing the course internally, but transparently - we'll be writing as much as we can about how we're putting it together and how things go down when we actually get together on the 8th. All materials are open content (as usual) and being developed in a public space, with source provided, so it's all remixable (feel free to nab, use, and contribute!) We hope to run versions of this workshop publicly in the future, if, when, and where there is demand. Feedback from Red Hatters on June 8th will roll into the July POSSEs, and if the course gets a good internal reception (which it looks like it will), we'll probably teach it internally again. Write once, deploy many times in many places with minor customizations - that's the beauty of open content.

The past few days (well, weeks -- but days especially), workshop materials have been frantically produced/remixed - the branding is still inconsistent and there's still some missing information, but we may actually have enough of one activity's materials completed-enough to give a picture of that activity through reading the materials alone.

So here's Roadmap Merge: if you're curious, look at these documents, in this order (they're short, and only the first one actually needs reading).

  1. Activity overview
  2. Video: 6 months in 60 seconds (release cycle description)
  3. Video handout: 6 months in 60 seconds (for taking notes while watching video)
  4. Resources handout
  5. Roadmap Merge worksheet

Yes, there's missing information that we need to fill in; yes, the branding is incredibly inconsistent, and yes, I should never do page layout professionally; if something looks good, it's because Sebastian did the layout; you can tell my Inkscape skills (or lack thereof) were at work by the giant grey blobs of text in an arbitrary font scattered, misaligned, throughout the place. Working on all that. But if you can get a picture of what that activity's 60-90 minutes will look like from seeing those 5 documents, we're headed in the right direction.