Playing with wordpress themes, mostly minimalist ones - I've enjoyed fifty-fifth street and manifest and would love to take them apart and see how they work.

Came across a delightful quote from jwz. can't take a dying project, sprinkle it with the magic pixie dust of ``open source,'' and have everything magically work out.

The full essay is
worth reading - and keep in mind this was 1999. Many of the same things
still apply, but it's also nice to look and see how far we've come (and
how far we haven't).

The essay "Bad Education" (comparing higher education to a bubble similar to the sub-prime lending crisis) is provocative and I wish it were better cited - it's got some pretty big claims there and I'd love to see where they're drawing the conclusions from.

I need to force myself to watch my full POSSCON talk video. It's painful to critique yourself as a speaker, but that's how we learn. (I know that presentation isn't my best because of the large number of significant last-minute changes that went on, so I dread this a little.)