What has the Mel been up to lately? A snapshot of my workday...

  • Finally finished uploading conversations and notes from "Curious Artifacts, " our POSSCON talk - so if you want to read about what happened and see what the audience did, check it out.
  • Writing for opensource.com's education channel - you'll see a number of articles there from me in the next few weeks, including SIGCSE and POSSCON session coverage. and I'm trying to make this a regular thing.
  • Catching up on expenses. The finances! They never end!
  • Working on the FIE paper that Greg Hislop, Heidi Ellis, Sebastian Dziallas, and I are supposed to submit... in a week or so. (Gulp.) Our abstract was accepted, and I've been learning that professors can be just as last-minute about writing papers as students. Good to know! (I do agree with Steve Jacobs about this year's conference location, though: "South Dakota? Who the heck puts a conference in South Dakota?!" Can't we have FIE in... Honolulu? Honolulu would be okay with me.)
  • POSSE admissions. We only have 10 seats left, so if you're thinking about coming this summer, get those applications in! (If you can't make it this summer but want to stay in touch, let me know and we'll put you on the list for next summer.)
  • Working on remixing the POSSE curriculum for internal training at Red Hat - turns out that "learning to work with an open source community" is helpful for more folks than just professors to learn. These will probably be 1-day workshops in Raleigh in June, and I'd love to have some local community members from FOSS projects who are not Red Hatters come by - if you're around these parts and interested, please let me know!
  • Sekrit artwork for a project that is not yet to be named... bwahahaha (you'll find out soon).