Coming soon to a SIGCSE near you...

(For those who, like myself, squint at this template and go "wha?" - they're whiteboard marker designs, single-color screenprint... there's the POSSE logo, the text "should this be on the wiki?" above "" - and in smaller print on the bottom, "Professors' Open Source Summer Experience: A Red Hat community service -" - and that's all.)

Designed in Inkscape, of course. Blue and black, because those were the only colors available. 800 of each color, 1600 in total; I plan on saving at least 100 sets for POSSE attendees this summer, and we'll see how quickly the rest of them run out. At about a buck a pair, my sense is that this is pretty high-value Teaching Open Source swag compared to, say, t-shirts that professors will realistically never wear... but I'm not sure how one tracks the efficacy of something as nebulous as "swag" or "brand." (I suppose I'm not exactly clear on what effect I want them to have, other than "help the TOS community grow and get more people interested in POSSE" - how do actual marketing/brand people figure this out?)

Also, I know there are more TOS people coming to SIGCSE than the ones listed on this wiki page. If you'll be there, can you edit your name onto the page or drop me a line so I can stick yours on? That way, we can be sure to catch up with everyone. Thanks!