This post is the first of many FUDCon Tempe hackfest liveblogs. (Not sure what FUDCon is? Read this post first.)

I'm Pascal Calarco, and I'm one of the editors of Fedora Weekly News (FWN). We've been working on Fedora Insight, which we hope will be the one-stop portal for information on the Fedora project. We've started with FWN as the first content that will go into this.

I've heard the back-end of Fedora Insight is based on Drupal; have you mostly been installing Drupal this weekend?

We've been setting up [Drupal 6] on a RHEL 6 server and we're going to finish that off tomorrow, get everything moved over to the publictest server. We've been fortunate to get two people, one from Hungary and one from Italy, who know Drupal quite a bit, and they've been suggesting which modules might be most useful. I think we're doing quite well with the Drupal support now - we've had someone packaging the top 13 modules for Drupal 6, which will help a lot with other... [Drupal projects] within Fedora.

It sounds like you're pretty set on the infrastructure and the setting-Drupal-up end. What sort of help do you need, then?

I think what we could use now is other people who are looking at the content model. I've been going through and checking the workflow; we've been looking at this primarily from the FWN content module. [But] if we can look at bringing in some other feeds from the Planet [into the new Drupal installation] so it's not just FWN content, that would be quite a success.

For example, an event report from an Ambassador who's working on a release party - they could put their entire event report right into Insight, complete with photographs, videos, with links out to blog posts... we haven't really looked at how that workflow would work. How can we make this easier for people to submit content [to FI], and for that content to be edited and approved and sent out to the world?

Pascal needs people to iron out the content-submission process for Fedora Insight; if you've got experience in setting up journalistic workflows (you were an editor for your high school newspaper, etc) or are a writer/blogger willing to be a guinea pig in pushing your content through a workflow-in-formation, email Pascal via the fedora-logistics list and he'll help you get started after FUDCon is over.