I've decided that my contribution to the FUDCon Tempe Hackfests will be to roam around interviewing/photographing/liveblogging progress and helping teams clean up their wiki pages so that my liveblogs of their progress will make sense.

My goal here is to tackle external communications so hackfests can focus on hacking. If you're a hackfest owner (or just attending, even), any advance info you can give me (or better yet, your hackfest's wiki page) about goals and whatnot will help; the more I know about what you're doing, the better I'll be able to cover you.

Want to join me? Need to find me to sync up beforehand or call me in during the festivities? I'm mchua on IRC and will be hanging out in #fedora-fudcon. Look for a flood of posts on Planet once the hackfests begin.