...is reading. Reading things written by the actual Mel I'd like to be. Like this one:

Last night I described how-I-work as similar to Tai Chi walking – in that you put your foot fully down, and then shift your weight to it. When you’re building something new... you’re stepping out over a dark chasm. And what you do is plant one foot on the ground where you do stand, and then stretch the other foot out over the void – and place it where the next step ought to be, but put no weight on it.

But it’s clear that there must be a step there for you to go forward, so the makings of that step begin to coalesce under your foot, and as they do, you then begin to shift over your weight until you’re standing on a new and solid step, and your rear leg is empty – that is to say, bearing no weight – and then you bring that forward over the chasm, and the next step begins to coalesce underneath it, and then…

I blog to remember - not just things I've done, but who I am. And sometimes there are long stretches of silence, and then sometimes raw thought pours out in a torrent, and sometimes I need to step away from the keyboard for a while and let myself reflect without words, and then come back and cautiously gauge - a little typing, again - where I've been, who I am now.

So I'll leave off the writing for a bit now and see what I can see.