Well... I've applied to grad school.

It's past 2am here and I was just thinking - "great, I've reverted to my 11-year-old self." Except instead of sneaking out to read Gardner, I'm sneaking out to apply to grad school. Not really proud of this.

Work, Family, Life, and Sleep. Pick three. I used to do Work, Work, and Family. I've tried increasing amounts of Life and Sleep over the past year (Work, Life, and Sleep), which has made me way happier. But if I try to balance all four, I still mess up.

I feel like there's a non-brute-force solution somewhere - like those "fit all these pieces into a square!" ones, or the "draw four lines through nine dots" thing. Something that's a balance - something that likely means thinking outside the box.

But this may just be me wishing for something beautiful and elegant and magical that doesn't exist.

I'm going to bed.