Finally got image attribution sorted out so I could post slides from the Ignite talk Sebastian Dziallas and I gave at the Engineer of the Future 3.0. For those new to Ignite (as we were), it's a 20-slides + 15 seconds per slide + 5 minutes total talk format, and we did it as a back-and-forth dialog.

The slides probably won't make much sense on their own, so we posted a (not-exactly-verbatim, edited for reading rather than speaking) transcript on the slideshare as well as in an article where readers are asked to share their own rocket pitches.

A side note on prep: making the (photo-heavy) slide deck for our talk (on teaching open source, what else?) was much more fun than my usual solo "aieeeeeee pull stuff together at the last moment" procedure. I had OpenOffice Impress and our talk notes on my laptop, Sebastian pulled up Flickr on his, and we threw links across IRC until we were done. When one's coauthor and copresenter is more inclined towards advance preparation than one is, things like "discussion" and "planning" and "rehearsal" reduce stress considerably. Weirdly enough, you end up with better writing and a more polished presentation that way... so I suppose I can't actually complain (much).