Dear Lazyweb:

I want a wireless headset for making video calls (and perhaps gaming someday, though my sense of productivity has resisted this so far). I travel frequently and would like something portable, durable, and with sufficient sound isolation so that when I turn the volume up to accommodate my severe hearing loss, I don't leak audio to everyone within a 30-foot radius. I'm willing to make an investment in good hardware, but my maximum budget cap is $200, and I'd prefer to stay under $100 if possible. Oh - and it has to work on Linux. (I run whatever the latest Fedora version is.)

Recommendations? Here are some things I've considered:

Of course, I could always get a nice headset "for home" (although I'm "home" half the time or less these days, with my travel schedule) and a cheaper, smaller travel version for when I'm on the road... a travel version wouldn't necessarily need to be wireless. Thoughts? How do those of you who do a lot of VOIP, etc. calls home on the road handle this?