Wow. Working in an office is... awesome. (In some ways, at least!) You run into people! They talk with you! You can print and scan things at decent machines, and there's water and snacks and meeting rooms and really big whiteboards! The AC always works and there's fun stuff going on and you can turn around and talk to people.

I ran into Mike Esser on the way to my car this afternoon and he told me about his trip to Utah to film the Open High School. Max turned around several times during the day and just commented on things and I heard them. There were bananas in the snack room! My desk has a keyboard tray! People walk by and wave!

Oh. And editors? They're awesome. Bascha Harris took my article on POSSE and did things to it, and the tiny tweaks make all the writing so much better (and grammatically correct). I've never had a real editor before. My writing will probably dramatically improve since I'm now writing an article for at least every two weeks.

I sound more excited and less exhausted than I feel right now, to be honest - trying to write the stuff I'd like to think about in order to stay somewhat focused. Tomorrow I'm going to start by working from my apartment, without being on IRC and such, in order to stay focused and crank out some big things (POSSE-related) that need to get done before I catch up on all the little stuff (which is what I did most of today; I feel like I've gotten a sense of things again now).

I write in order to regain my equilibrium.