From the latest Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) meeting minutes:

We spent most of our time on the next big urgent milestone: getting testable Sugar 0.90 images out the door for upstream Sugar QA. This isn't an official SoaS release, but since SoaS is an easy way to get an instance of Sugar up and running, it's great for testing, and since we're going to include the 0.90 release of Sugar anyway, Simon has asked us to include it in our test builds by a certain date so it can be used to test the Sugar environment itself. By "certain date," I mean that the 0.90 Beta release is this Wednesday; here's what has to happen preferably before then. (For the Fedora folks in the audience, SoaS is a Fedora Spin.)

  1. Simon updates the sugar, sugar-toolkit, sugar-datastore, sugar-presence-service, sugar-artwork, telepathy-gabble and telepathy-salut packages in Fedora to the correct code versions.
  2. Mel gets 3 people to test these packages and give them karma in Fedora's system, which will put them in the stable repositories. I'll be writing instructions on how to do this shortly.
  3. Simon or Peter or someone takes the next daily build and makes sure it boots, then announces the test image.

What this means for you, o reader: if you run Fedora (or can run Fedora in a VM, or can follow written instructions on how to do exactly this), you (yes, you!) can help us with 0.90 testing this week. We're going to have instructions for this coming out once the code is ready to be tested; it should take less than 2 hours (hopefully less than 1) to do your setup and testing from start to finish, and you won't need any prior experience. We'll be using the same test setup for Sugar in the future, too.

The catch is that because we're under intense time pressure to meet release deadlines, the time between when we can say "we're ready! We need help!" and when we need the testing finished by is going to be VERY short. So this is a heads-up letting folks know this call is going to be coming.

Stay tuned for more QA news in Sugar land! (dun dun DUNN!)

This blog post written under more sleep deprivation than is probably good for me. I'm going to go to bed now so I'll be more useful in the morning.