(If someone can translate and post this to the zh-language Fedora Planet, that would be awesome!)

I'm about to board a plane to Shanghai - I'll be in China for a week devoting my time towards building up Fedora activities and presence in the region. If you're in FZUG, in the area, or interested in the region, please let me know! I will be in #fedora-zh all week (I usually lurk there anyway) and trying to improve my (very basic) Mandarin skills, but will probably need a lot of translation help.

This trip was originally supposed to be a POSSE (more on that later) but that was unexpectedly canceled at the last moment - it's actually a good thing, though, because we'll have more of a chance to get to know what's happening in the area.

One area I'm personally interested in is education, mostly at the college level - for instance, it would be great to see a POSSE (workshop for professors interested in getting their students involved as contributors to open source communities) in China sometime in the next two years, and I would love to talk with people about how we can make this happen.

However, my first priority on this trip are the Ambassadors and folks working on the ground for Fedora in the region.  How can we do a better job of getting you resources, how can we get more publicity on Planet and Ambassadors-list regarding what is happening in the region?  Do we have a lot of packagers, or translators, of $SKILLSET in the region that we should organize a FAD around? Who should we talk to? Where should we go? Do people want to meet up for dinner some evening?

In other words, what are Linux users in China passionate about, and how can Fedora help them?  Blank slate.