The best part of today was dinner with Ian, Max, Karsten, Robyn, and Asheesh at a sushi restaurant where the sushi came around the table on a train. As in... a model train. A little train pulling little plates of sushi. And you picked the sushi plates you wanted off the train.

I was entirely too excited about this.

In other news, our talks are taking shape - I'm excited about them, and a little nervous (I mean, first-timer at OSCON and... I'm doing 2 talks and a BoF, and OSCON isn't a small conference). Okay, I'm more than a little nervous. But it'll be all right. I need to practice with Karsten and Asheesh so I don't talk too fast, and so we get a good banter going between us, and so we can wrangle audience participation smoothly (there'll be a lot of it, of course - it's a talk I'm involved in, so the audience will bloody well do work)[0] but it'll be all right.

Just gotta keep telling myself that now.

In other other news, my left knee has swollen to the point where it's a bit tricky to walk. It's from playing kickball at Stanford last weekend; I was covering first base when my brother was at bat, and of course when he got a solid kick in and started charging towards base, I stepped on, yelled for the ball, and neither of us was going to budge. Jason, the ball, and I all reached first base around the same time, and he slammed into me and everything went flying; I limped around for the next few minutes, then shook it off and figured it was fine.

The next day my knee had turned an ugly blotchy red-blue and was reasonably tender, but still fine. This continued through the week, and the purple portion of my knee shrank. And then yesterday - maybe it was sitting still in the car all day and letting the fluid build up in the joint - my knee went stiff. When I went to wander the city last night, I started limping; most of the time it's fine to bear my weight on my left leg, but occasionally I'll step on it a certain way that does... something... unpleasant to the general area of my knee. So I walked as much as possible today, and rubbed my knee whenever I was sitting down, on the idea that perhaps activity and flexing out that joint and trying to get it to drain (it's swollen) will help, so either I'm very very right or very very wrong, and tomorrow morning I will find out which is true.

I'm pretty tired today; I noticed myself dropping into being less and less verbal (the more tired I am, the more energy it takes to process auditory data, so visual input and text output are the last things to go). Taking a nap (I hope) before heading downstairs to finish my talk with Karsten. Or at least trying to take a nap.

So... much work... to do. But I love doing it all. And we had ice cream today.

Update: The nap turned into sleeping 'till 5:30am. Whoops.