The email I sent my team today as a "what did Mel do?" update:

00:18  * mchua has had a great day.
00:19 < mchua> When college professors start high-fiving each other across the classroom like excited kids because they got a button to work on a Sugar Activity, and then head out for ice cream, it is a Good Day.

I'm too behind/tired to be more verbose - turns out it's difficult to simultaneously teach at and document a POSSE (probably due to that blasted 3 hours of driving per day - will hopefully do better next week). But betwen Friday noon and Sunday at 6 when the RIT one starts, I'll spew logs from this one.

Theme: "Development"

Big idea: Sometimes, you've just got to dive in and work on the code... together.

Skill: Making contributions to an open source project "in the wild." (In this case, the Measure Activity.)

Full logs:

Of the three, the notes for the last one are the most interesting - the notes for maddog's talk are essentially a paraphrased (brief) transcript of his 1.5 hour presentation on "how FOSS teaches you twice."