Some of you may have noticed some new faces around the Sugar community - we (Walter Bender, Peter Robinson, and I) are hanging out with a group of professors (mostly from the Worcester area) who are in town this week for POSSE (Professors' Open Source Summer Experience), a workshop for learning how to get their students involved contributing to open source projects. (In this case, Sugar, with Fedora as a dev platform.)

They've been learning to hack Sugar all week, and are in fact in #sugar at this very moment tinkering away on the Measure Activity. Their feeds haven't yet been added to Planet Sugar Labs (those requests are still pending), but you can read some of their (great!) reflections so far on Planet TOS.

So if you have a moment, pop in and say hello to:

  • Peter Froehlich (Johns Hopkins) - pgf
  • Karl Wurst (Worcester State College) - kwurst
  • Nadimpalli Mahadev (Fitchburg State College) - Mahadev
  • Kristina Striegnitz (Union College, Schenectady, NY) - kis
  • Jerry Breecher (Clark University, Worcester MA) - diamond
  • Mihaela Sabin (University of New Hampshire) - mihaela
  • Gary Pollice (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) - gpollice
  • Aparna Mahadev (Worcester State College) - aparna

Next week we'll have another - slightly larger - batch from RIT doing the same thing, with myself, Chris Tyler, and Luke Macken focusing more on how to make Fedora a better environment for running/deploying/developing Sugar - if you have any thoughts in this direction, please send comments our way! (Things we've come up with so far: general Python development stuff, liveusb-creator hacks, SVG rendering working strangely in different recent versions of Fedora... we need to turn this into a proper ticket queue. Ideas welcome! What are the little annoyances you always wanted to fix? We'll do our best to take them on.)