I took a mop and bucket to F13 Marketing deliverables today, and I'm actually pretty proud of the end result. For the first time ever, all of our deliverables for all the currently-supported releases, including all the explanatory pages and SOPs for them, have been fleshed in. Sweet. Behold, the glory in table format. Okay, some of the SOPs could use more work for F14, but the next-steps for those have been clearly marked, and examples for them have been pointed-to. I've taken the rest as far as I could.

The last deliverable that needed to be created was the F13 press kit (Summit Version). The first release of that is out as well, using the one page release notes layout by Ian Weller and drawing on the press kit creation HOWTO notes by Henrik Heigl to figure out what else needed to be done.

I did a first-run layout of a print version of our F13 feature profiles to flesh in the rest, creating teasers for interviews by Paul Frields, Robyn Bergeron, Hannah Kowen, and Nelson Marques - so Stephen Gallagher, Dan Williams, Josef Bacik, Ben Skeggs, Tim Waugh, Richard Hughes, Mike McGrath, and David Malcom should be before the eyes of journalists later this month, if all goes well. Thanks to John Rose for offering to add these to the Ambassadors print run for the Summit!

Now here's the thing: I think I'm done, but I'm sure I'm not. So...

  • What needs to be improved about the print version of the feature profiles?
  • What needs to be added to the press kit - or revised?
  • What portions of the deliverables table have I utterly missed? Categorized incorrectly? Which pages lack enough detail to help a newcomer get started?

Marketing minion here and pingable - just need bugs to be pointed out to me, and I shall work on fixes. (Help with any of these fixes is extremely welcome, too!)