Played a bit of guitar with Melanie in the morning. First time she and I have tried a song by ear with two different parts - one of us on lead, one of us on rhythm. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is the only one we both know, so we did that, and switched off; it didn't go too badly, actually. Fun! Must try again.

Street Performer's day at Quincy Market: took the train downtown with Audrey, who insisted on either sitting on my lap or climbing on my shoulders for every performance (everything from juggling to guitar to escape artistry to aerial silks). Introduced the kid to subway surfing, too. Got back to the subway just as it started to rain, and got home without becoming overly soaked.

Drove out to Springstep in Medford, where the Boilermaker Jazz Band (my favorite swing band) played for hours - danced and danced and danced. Worked kitchen shift as a volunteer (boring: essentially consists of making awful coffee over and over) and am waiting for the burritos to go out because need can haz food. Disadvantage of wearing not-a-skirt and having short hair: sometimes people think I'm a lead. Oh well. I feel a lot more comfortable in something that's not a dress, so I continue wearing what I wear. Considering new shoes at some point when these fall apart. Maybe something with arch support.

Dancing is great - all kinds of leads out on the floor, great music, dancing 'till my feet start aching, then peel off sticky shirt, replace with fresh one (FUDCon Berlin - thank you, Mo!) and walk slowly to the car, light tiredness upon my eyes, and throw self in back seat for short nap (which is what I'm about to do).

Satisfyingly sleepy. Short nap should fix. Then dancing more 'till 4am. Tomorrow: more dancing at Piers Park, right near where I used to live in East Boston and the site of my favorite-ever Boston skyline. And then more dancing 'till 4am. Woo!