1. Go to sleep at 2am
  2. Wake up a bit after 5am
  3. Work a bit
  4. Drive a friend to the airport (have fun at WisCon, Sumana!)
  5. Work a bit more
  6. Hack on open steno software for a bit (or rather, fail to install Tkinter in Python 3 - I'll do this when I upgrade to F13 this weekend - but learn how to chord "hello, world" on a steno keyboard and get an orientation to the code enough to start tinkering with new features - thanks, Mirabai!)
  7. Meetings and conversations
  8. Drive back to Boston, periodically interrupted by...
  9. POSSE California meeting
  10. Free hot dogs
  11. Traffic (ok, this part not so fun - New York and Boston are not over 7 hours apart)
  12. Arrive at Blues Union, dance until you're basically a pile of sweaty clothes collapsed onto a chair
  13. Drive home with radio on and windows down so as to stay awake and not run car into tree
  14. Shower
  15. Emails and various small work-things
  16. 2am POSSE China meeting

I've got a red, white, and blue thread bracelet around my right wrist that will stay on for the next few days - it's the marker for bix, which goes through late Monday night. This weekend, I am a dancer.

And a hacker. Three things I want to tinker with over the long weekend:

  • Upgrade my infrastructure (work laptop, deployment netbook collection, trove-of-ancient-hardware) to F13 and whatnot, reallocate hardware as needed and install new programs that have been on my list for a while.
  • Offlineimap + postfix adventures with Karsten
  • Plover feature coding for Mirabai

Also, food and sleep and stretching and rest and thinking and yay. And clearing email backlog. So much backlog...

Not a bad life, really. Certainly a full one.