I woke up this morning, read email, and went "Ohhhh boy. I have so much to do and I am so behind."

My old habit of dealing with this is randomly flailing in the direction of any sort of productive task, because I used to be able to power through everything by running like a maniac. However, the list of possible things I can do has since exceeded even my capacity to worksprint. Therefore, I am instead trying to remember the difference between "urgent" and "important" (thanks, Greg), and so with that in mind here is my Crisp List O' Deliverables[0] for the morning. It's 9am as I type this and I've just finished breakfast - my plane out of California leaves a bit past 9pm.

  1. Expense reports for Q1
  2. Finish everything related to the Fedora Scholarship
  3. Finish all Marketing deliverables for Fedora 13

...at which point I will come back to the house, eat lunch, read a book[1] and breathe a bit, and figure out what to do with POSSE, and what else remains on my plate. I know one of the things is formally transitioning Marketing leadership over, but I want to complete all our F13 deliverables for Marketing before that happens, so... there is a deadline.

I say "come back to the house" because I have decided that Huntington Beach Pier, which is within walking distance of the couch I slept on last night, will be a lovely place to spend the morning knocking off those three things.

I am off.

[0] I sorta halfway finished all of these over Friday and in bits throughout the weekend, so it's really powering through the last 20-30% for each task that actually needs to get done. I need to work on Finishing Things.
[1] Turns out my aunt has this book on investing that looks interesting, so I reckon I'll take a few minutes and zoom through that while I finish the leftover kare-kare.