I sketched these out after Ian and Elinor's wedding, because I found the dynamics to be just hilarious. First, the ceremony (the numbers of people aren't accurate, mind you - but I think they're roughly to scale).

After the ceremony, there was toasting and the cutting of the cake and snacks being passed around and whatnot as they cleared the deck where the ceremony had been and set it up for dining.

At this point, the couple had their first dance, and then the DJ announced a surprise; a mandolin appeared and they walked through the tables, Ian playing "Dance Tonight" on the mandolin, encouraging people to get out of their seats and dance. Several minutes later, the dance floor looked something like this. Best wedding soundtrack ever, by the way - their exit song (instead of the boring normal wedding march) was by the Beatles ("All You Need Is Love") and was followed afterwards by Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, yet more Beatles, yet more Beatles, yet more Beatles...

I went up to them afterwards. "That was the coolest wedding ever! Can I try the mandolin? I didn't even know you played the mandolin!"

"I didn't," Ian said. Apparently they'd gone to a Paul McCartney concert the previous summer and he had heard Sir Paul play the song and decided to learn it. "Do you want it?"

So I have a mandolin on long-term loan - long-term because they don't move back to the US (from Beijing) for three years. I've figured out a few basic chords and can play 12-bar blues now, Dance Tonight (of course) and... I'll find more. I don't know what mandolin music sounds like, but I'll find out. Apparently some people play the blues on it. It's high and twangy, and I can barely hear the top string (er, two strings - it's an 8-string instrument, but the strings are tuned identically in pairs with the same intervals as on a cello) but... mmm, electric mandolin. New thing to play with!