Congratulations to newlyweds Ian and Elinor (my second cousin Achi Nono), who could not stop looking at each other and laughing during their vows today. (Yes, it was very cute.) I wish you both a long and happy life together.

The wedding was fun. (I'm still somewhat in shock; I don't typically associate those two words.) I have illustrative diagrams from it that I shall post at some point. At one point in the wedding they walked around the tables to get the guests to dance while Ian played Paul McCartney's "Dance Tonight" on a mandolin. In other news, I'm borrowing Ian's electric mandolin for the forseeable future, and at some point will figure out a way to get it to them in Beijing (where they are apparently moving for three years for work starting in July).

My family is awesome. Ian has just made it awesomer. Welcome to the clan!