This week's schedule has been a magnificent combination of:

  1. "Oh man, I spent the last week in Raleigh and need to catch up on my massive email backlog now"
  2. A good number of my friends graduating and wanting to see me RIGHT NOW before they LEAVE BOSTON
  3. The return of the cough, which makes me sleep far earlier and more than usual (I hate being just mildly sick)
  4. A bunch of Boston-area meetings for Red Hat stuff (POSSE, SCOPE, blah blah blah) that all need to happen in the next 3 days in between all the rest of this
  5. Etc.

I've schedule-shifted to be an early sleeper and riser since 12 days ago when I went out to Florida to hang out with Andrew. I suspect it will shift back this weekend when I'm in California for my cousin's wedding, but while I have it, I will take advantage of the early-morning productivity time (hypothetically).

Prioritization! I can haz it?