It was a good meeting this morning, and a lovely lunch (Ole Time, of course) with Max and Greg. Greg now has a mug, vast quantities of food and beer were consumed (by other people - I tried a bit of mead and actually was not that hungry tonight) and after that I sat in my rental car and played guitar a bit, figured out the chords for "Dancing in the Dark," and then discovered there was dancing, and went dancing. Mmm, blues.

Either the people there are very polite or I am getting better at dancing, because multiple leads sought me out multiple times - I only had to ask for the first few dances. I'm definitely plateauing, though - need to go to another workshop (I've only ever been to one) and figure out what to work on next. Fortunately, bix is coming up.

Dancing is becoming something that's consistently good for making my brain quiet when I'm thinking too much. Even Mel (Greg's wife) noticed that tonight when I was passing her notes at dinner (the room was noisy!) about whether she'd like a sous-chef at some point, because I would very much like to learn Southern cooking (and how to make collards edible).

The results:

[X] Yes! Minions are cool!
[  ] Huh?

Yay! I can haz learn things.