Olin has this thing for slideshows. When you come for Candidates' Weekend (the final round in the admissions process), they ask you to submit a slide about yourself so they can throw everyone's deck up on the wall and flip through it as a fast way of getting to know people. And once you graduate, the tradition (such as it is) continues at alumni reunions - which, since all our alumni are still young and for the most part know the graduating class (the 5th one, this year!), tends to be around Commencement.

The text I submitted for my Candidates' Weekend slide when I was 16:

Energetic, hardly tires
Seen with pencil, or else pliers
Likes computers, fond of rhymes
Climbs trees, sleeps... sometimes.

Apparently, not much has changed in the meantime, including my tendency to haphazardly slap text together for submission at the last moment. (My CW slide process: "AAH! It's due! Quick, Sharon (my high school roommate), take a picture of me!" *TYPE TYPE TYPE SUBMIT!*)

Also, it was extremely difficult to find photos of me from the last year - I guess I really do avoid cameras like the plague. Also also, I did not make the slide layout, I'm just using it.
Edit: found slides from the past two years! (And yes, I'm 23; I was the youngest in the class of '07.)



So yes. I still don't know how to fill in the "location" section for these slides.