Experiment after a conversation with Bernie: The dev-love keyword, which is a tag for fixes that make the lives of developers easier when applied. These are the tickets with force-multiplying effects and we should tackle those whenever possible - even, I'd argue, over features other than the most critical-path ones (i.e. "does Sugar still work?") It's all about capacity-building.

Now, this keyword is going to die unless it's documented somewhere, and people adopt it - so here's what I'm asking.

If you're a Sugar developer - either Activities or sugar-core - what features, bugfixes, tools, or code hacks would make your life easier? I'm not talking about cool features you'd like to see in Sugar for end-users or what would make it easier for kids (or others) to do Sugar development, although all these things may certainly overlap. I'm asking for things we can do to your Sugar hacking experience a better one. Ticket numbers and links are preferred, but I'll take task descriptions and file/tag them myself if I have to.


What would make your Sugar hacking easier and more fun?