Mm, new toys. I'd like to take some time to look at the awesome window manager (I mean, tags instead of workspaces! keyboard shortcuts for everything!) but will use it as a reward for finishing Marketing deliverables this week. That means spin pages, one page release notes, and feature profiles, as well as wrapping up things nicely with the Allegheny class. Must... be... responsible.

Had a good talk with Gui today; he's a friend of mine from Olin who's opening up the Artisan's Asylum this weekend (along with his fiancee Jenn and a few other friends). It's a space for makers, and we tossed around thoughts on elements of the open source way that are applicable to building physical community spaces. Really, it's not all that different. One of the important things we brought up was that having instructors be welcoming to newcomers and community members tolerant of newcomers was not enough. Everyone in the community needs to know that it's their job to be not just tolerant, but actively seeking to draw in newcomers. New people bring new insights and new life to the entire community, so it's the entire group's job to make sure that happens. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

My sleep schedule has been all sorts of messed up this week. I feel great other than the constant coughing, but the annoying part is that I suddenly get exhausted and unpredictably need lots of sleep (compared to my usual). So I'll sleep a normal night and then crash in the afternoon for what I think is a 1-hour nap but ends up being a 10-hour one. Or I'll try to nap for 2 hours and spend the first hour tossing and turning because I'm utterly drained physically, but my mind's still going. It mostly goes "but... Mel, you can totally do work now!" "Mrrrrgh body won't move." "But... but I'm awake!" "Brain, shut up." The thing is that I've been crashing hard enough that I'm asleep deeply enough that I will completely miss any alarms I set, and I can't predict when I lie down how long it's going to take me to get up again. Haven't missed any meetings yet - I buffer long streams of sleep enough to wake up in advance of those - but it's been closer than I'd like a few times and I'd rather not run that risk at all.

I realize it may not sound this way, but I really do feel great. It's just that this scheduling thing is hard now what with the sleep unpredictability. I can't wait to actually get better. I am starting to consider actually asking for antibiotics. However, I am extremely pleased with what's been an uberproductive week so far. It would be more productive tonight if VPN wasn't down and I could actually reach work email (then again, it's 1am, so... maybe I should... sleep now.)

Oh wait - thanks to the power of git, I can still do local spins website edits! And the content I need is cached on Google. Sweet. Productivity for a little longer, then.

Also, I seriously need to get this Jason Mraz earworm out of my system. Why must Sesame Street song adaptations be so catchy? Why? (Suggestions for alternative earworms welcomed. Bonus criteria include good vocal harmonies and intriguing chord changes.)