Sebastian and I spent half the day sprinting on webpages for the 4 new Fedora Spins coming out next month (and therefore being highlighted in the F13 talking points). And yes, there's an SOP for that (still in progress)[0].

As part of this, we present our brilliant new marketing campaign for AWESUMXAUR, formerly known as Sugar on a Stick.

AWESUMXAUR, a AWESUM-based AWESUM OF AWESUM featuring the AWESUM Learning Environment and designed to fit on a usb thumbdrive ("AWESUMSTIX"). Originally developed for the One Laptop Per Child Project and designed specifically for K-8 classrooms to engage children in collaborating with others in exploring the world around them, AWESUMXAUR gives students access to a thriving community-created ecosystem of software AWESUMNEZZZ - games and applications designed to achieve specific pedagogical goals (OF AWESUM) - ranging from AWESUM simulators and interactive AWESUM synthesis for beginning readers to a way of accessing and remixing open AWESUM to create and share customized AWESUM of AWESUM.

Commented Greg DeKoenigsberg on the rebranding: "I am a big fan."[1][2]

In other news, Sesame Street is awesome. I mean, Jason Mraz singing about going outside with Elmo harmonizing and backup vocals from Muppet birds? This just completely made my day.

[0] The actual spin pages for Soas/Moblin/Design/Security should appear shortly, we still need screenshots/designs/various pieces of content and infrastructure to link to... all before the release in May. It's going to be a fun next couple of weeks.
[1] He actually did say this.
[2] Yes, I know, I know. I am so tempted to make a parody spin webpage now, but... should wait until the real ones are finished first, and all the other marketing deliverables done, and POSSE set, and... and... and... but!