Dancing was very good tonight. I appreciate that I'll be able to make Blues Union most Thursday nights between now and the start of June - it's good for me, I get to see friends, dance, stop thinking for a while.

I've spent the past 2.5 days powering through on adrenaline and very little sleep, and today my right hand reminded me about my RSI, and sanity prevailed. It's not the sort of deep constant exhaustion I remember and am used to from my student days, but I am tired right now, so I'm sleeping in a moment, and not setting my alarm, and I'll wake up and start working when I wake up (probably in 6 hours, or maybe 7 if I'm really tired).

Tomorrow: working from home with the most ergonomic possible setup, with running breaks. The family is out at the museum for a last-day-of-spring-break outing, so I have the house to myself, which means swing music will be blasting all day. Mmm.

The world continues to be more awesome than I ever could have imagined.