Useful productivity trick: use procrastination on something you have to do in order to spur you to do other things (which you also have to do) in order to avoid it, then do the thing you were procrastinating on.

Still breathing right now, have been loping at a more or less steady clip since I got back to Boston. Running on momentum that's less adrenaline rush than force of habit. Satisfactorily functional - mostly stuff that has to be plugged through, though I do enjoy it. I'm learning that I love traveling and teaching, but hate setting up logistics for both; planning is not my strongest suit, and I do best when I'm told to show up and improvise awesomeness in a location (I do prepare to improvise). Work is great; it's life that's making me tired, but it's good tired, it's all stuff I want to spend time on.

I am overusing my hands; tomorrow is full of meetings, and I'll be going to the office so I can use my ergonomic keyboard + keyboard tray + good posture stuff. And Friday I'm going to try to do as much without typing as possible.

Got a haircut today, hacked out half the POSSE Worcester curriculum, reviewed a whole bunch of documents (academic conventions still don't make sense to me), chaired a lunch table at the Grand Challenges Summit, had lugaw for the first time in far too long (comfort food!). Still coughing, but have otherwise felt great for days; no longer have TEH PLAGUEZ or whatever it was; either that or I'm more able to ignore it. Both work. :)

Booked tickets to my cousin's wedding, need to book tickets to go camping with Andrew the weekend of my birthday... frequent flyer miles + weekend jaunts = TEH WINZ.

Incoherent Mel talks in lolcat!

Incoherent Mel should do POSSE acceptance letters and then sleep. Also, incoherent Mel is hungry. Will go digging in kitchen...