Oh, good - Pittsburgh has swing dancing followed by blues dancing (followed by "zomg it's 2am I should sleep somehow") on Saturday night. And this weekend I have a car.

I am ridiculously out of shape (in multiple senses of the world) and I'm pretty sure my ability to react to music and respond to touch have atrophied, but it would feel good to do that again. I should go and dance - I have been listening to a lot of blues-ish music lately (though I feel mildly guilty for having most of that be John Mayer and Norah Jones; I should branch out into listening to Other People Too) and I've only been a passive listener. I haven't moved.

I wonder if I can find a couch compatible with severe night-owlery of this sort. If not, it's like... 2 hours back to Meadville, and then a little bit of sleep and then the sun comes up and makes the world all lovely just in time for Easter morning.

I wonder how much longer I can keep on doing this.

And - ohman, I should start thinking about the things I want to learn and do this summer, because I'm going to have to figure out how to do them in a different place every week... should I actually try to find dancing in all the places that I'm going to, or is that just too much? How about exercise? Maybe I can try to work through a math textbook (Calculus of Variations?) for the summer instead, or carry my guitar everywhere and really go for that... I think Berklee does remote lessons where you can record yourself and the teacher will give feedback on that, which is suboptimal compared to in-person study (my guess) but might provide a nice constant rhythm for my otherwise chaotic life. (Yay!)