Well, this is interesting. I never thought I'd be an anchor. Temporary Stability In Some Aspects Of Your Life: It Happens To Everyone. Now if only I could ground myself a little more.

Time for a couple hours of sleep, then up and at 'em early to do work, overdue prep for my SLOBs meeting, more work, SLOBs meeting, work. I have been quite remiss at transcribing the in-person notes from conversations I've been having lately - they're all in my notebook, just not typed. Perhaps I actually ought to get a tablet next time.

Also, a week nearly devoid of physical exertion is... not a good idea. I was tired and out of breath far earlier than usual when I went out today - perhaps I should stop working while lying in bed, and do things like (1) stand up and (2) move around and (3) stretch and (4) run (er, jog. well, really, walk). Why do I need a corporeal body, once again?

Oh, right - typing and dancing. Right. Okay.