I miss my guitar - I haven't been able to make music for two weeks and have almost three more to go. And songs keep getting stuck in my head going "you could figure out how to play this, if you had an instrument with you."

Don't stop this train
Don't for a minute change the place you're in

--"Stop This Train, " John Mayer (one of my recent earworms)

I wonder if there's a piano room on Allegheny's campus somewhere. There must be; they have a music program. I wonder if I can get to it, and I wonder if anyone would mind. And I think I've learned my lesson about extended travel: bring an instrument, somehow.

There's been a bunch of POSSE and Sugar Labs stuff coming down the pipeline that I've been remiss at uploading; I'm going down for a quick nap (starting at 3:30am onwards, I was pretty much unable to sleep tonight), and then exploding as much of it onto the wikis and lists and blogosphere as I can. Release early, release often... sometimes I have to struggle to do that too.