For the Marketing FAD dinner tonight, we went out to a burger place called MoJoe's. Later that night:

01:55 -!- You're now known as mchua
01:55 -!- You're now known as daddy
01:56 < mmcgrath> daddy: .... ?
01:57 < onekopaka_laptop> interesting IRC nick choice...
01:58 < daddy> mmcgrath: onekopaka_laptop: it's a joke from the FAD - we had dinner at a burger place called MoJoe's tonight.
01:58 < daddy> And they had this thing where if you ate their one-pound burger in one sitting they'd put your picture on their wall of fame and call you "daddy."
01:58 < daddy> Now, since this was only a one-pound burger, naturally I had to go for it.
01:58 < daddy> It was delicious.
01:58 < mmcgrath> it sounds delicious
01:58 < daddy> So good.

(Honestly, a one-pound burger isn't that big. I've had them as snacks before. It was a good burger, though.)

Also, my aunt Lynne May published her first article! "Striving for Cultural Proficiency" came out in the most recent issue of the Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development journal. Theme: "Building and Sustaining a Diverse Professional Community." Reading things like this, I'm reminded that I don't yet know how to understand a lot of other disciplines - brand books still don't quite make sense to me, instructions on PR only dimly do, even education writing is easy for me to dismiss sometimes when I don't understand it. But there's value there. There's value there, and I just don't know how to see the vast majority of it yet. Need to keep trying to grok. I think we're doing better at this over time, and folks like Henrik have been extremely patient in helping me learn how to see how the world of (in this case) journalism functions, how PR works, how they think differently than engineers do.

Ryan Rix helped me sand down many of the little snaggy sticking-points that had kept me from using KDE smoothly as a general productivity desktop. Most of them involved learning how configurations were set and how to click around and find my way through menus; it's got a slightly different sense than GNOME (which is what I've been using the past few years) but it's a good way to make my brain stretch out and think about the interaction paradigms that desktops choose.

My favorite new packages from tonight:

  • digikam (photo management)
  • yakuake (drop-down terminal, quake-style)
  • kdenlive (video editor)
  • sl (okay, this isn't a KDE thing, and this came from Neville, but it's great.)

There's also plenty of stuff to do packaging practice on, if I ever find the time. That's the KDE list. There's also a bunch of Sugar Activities that need packaging. Between the two... I'll never have to hunt for simple packages again (well, at least not for a long time).

Tomorrow's the last day of the FAD, and we'll be using it to create F13 videos and video-material. Stay tuned for the last episode of the exciting adventures of... (dah dah daaaaah) The Marketing FAD!