One of the highlights of last week when everyone (where by "everyone" I mean "Max, Greg, and Sebastian") was in town was a trip out to Cabots' to get their legendary Pru Frappe to go. It's 12 scoops of ice cream in a frappe (milkshake), and it... comes in a bucket.

We drank it in the Olin parking lot (lot C) on the trunk of my car because we had a meeting and there was no good way to drink a bucket of milkshake otherwise. Here's me and Greg attacking the frappe at the outset:

And me and Sebastian. I didn't stop drinking long enough to take a picture of the two of them myself. It's somewhere around halfway consumed at this point.

The joke (from the previous night's dinner with the three of us + Max) was that the (fictional) "Culinary Institute of Le Noms" should hold a "24 hours of Le Noms" competition where the goal is to consume as much food (by weight) as possible in a 24-hour timespan. So the next day when we drove past an actual cooking school...