The first-ever Fedora Marketing FAD is gearing up as I type this - the others have done a better job of explaining the events (mostly Waffle House) of last night and a bit of what we're going to do today, so I will simply link to the Day 0 (Friday) blog posts I've been gathering up and remind folks that we're going to be on IRC all day transcribing in #fedora-fad if you want to stop on by.

On the agenda for the day:

  1. F12 postmortem
  2. What are our goals and thoughts for the future, both short-term and long-term?
  3. OLE TIME BBQ (om nom nom nom)
  4. Marketing plan
  5. Market research
  6. CAROLINA HURRICANES (wooooooooooo hockey)
  7. The Late Late Show: David and Ryan teach everyone who's still awake how to package PHP libraries. I suspect I will be playing the role of Obsessive Documenter once again, since I learn things by documenting them.

Everyone else is already up and about in the lobby, and I'm about to go join them right after I post this - I got my customary couple hours o' sleep and then woke up before my 6:30am alarm, decided to spend the morning time jogging around the shopping center parking lot (discovery: Raleigh does not have sidewalks) and looking for hearing aid batteries (success!) and now... it's time to go and join the party.

Rock it!