I really shouldn't have brought so many books with me this month. And maybe next time a laptop and a docking station and a netbook might be... overkill. (I wanted a backup solution plus something with a webcam - what I should actually do is, however many years from now, just get a laptop with a webcam).

And glory do I have a lot of things to do. In order of priority (at least as my mind is thinking about them at the moment - the Flywheel of Momentum is still accelerating):

  1. POSSE
  2. Assorted CSEET followup
  3. opensource.com/education article(s)
  4. Marketing deliverables; I have been Slacky McSlackster on this lately
  5. Marketing non-deliverables: FI status as well as the Summer Coding swap. Again, Slacky McSlackster.
  6. SLOBs duties - for which I volunteered a bit this week.
  7. taxes (one of the downside of having a less-than-stable life: they get more complicated than my actual income for the year 2009 warrants)
  8. A bunch of overdue tickets in my RT queue
  9. A bunch of Olin followup
  10. Prep-tacularness for three weeks at Allegheny, coming shortly.

In other news, I'm back in gear. Yar! A giant thank-you to the Teschs this week for putting up with me - pictures/videos forthcoming, along with CSEET notes. I may at some point need to rent a car for the weekend and come down from Meadville to see the other Olin folks - I need to buy Bonnie dinner again, and Katie says there's dancing in Pittsburgh, which I would very much like to attend (though I did not bring my dancing shoes) and Matt has offered to use his shiny new pilot's license to take me up and - well, it'll be good to see these folks again. Dellin and Aasted and Kristen are also thereabouts.

After a stopover in Detroit (apparently Michigan is between Pennsylvania and North Carolina), I'm finally in Raleigh once again, in the room I'm sharing with Robyn Bergeron for the Marketing FAD. Sleep is not especially predicted; the two of us are notorious night owls, a fact corroborated by #fedora-mktg timestamps. Everyone's tired right now, though, so after the traditional "David Nalley arriveth" Waffle House run, we all slumped back to our rooms to be unconscious.

Assorted imagery from the last few days:

The Mr. Rogers computer terminal exhibit runs Windows, apparently. As evidenced by the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library crash.

Pittsburgh: it is extremely pretty.

Even during overcast days. There were both hawks and helicopters circling overhead - the city's at the confluence of two rivers, there's a football stadium named after ketchup, there is a church that turned into a brewery...

Yep. Church that turned into a brewery. See that up near the altar? Tanks. Of beer.

And then the dancing fountain that kept me entertained during my Detroit layover.

Not particularly eloquent or beautiful, but memory snippets that'll help me remember what I was seeing and thinking during the week - most of my brain was incoherent for the past few days, so these are the bits that actually make sense.

Tummy all full with Waffle House now. Going to bed.