Sumana has a nifty proposal out for Open Source Bridge: The Second Step: HOWTO encourage open source work at for-profits

Community research - how to predict whether a chatroom's going to stay alive. This is the kind of stuff I'd like to learn how to do.

Via Uncle Tom, a scientific look at what makes good teaching.

Found my birthday present, thanks to Liz. It looks like Ginneh's going to be doing the course with me, and with luck I should have my license right around the time I turn 24. (I will wear a helmet. I will wear a helmet. I will wear a helmet at all times.) Actually, the class is half my birthday present; something like this is going to be the other half. Regardless of the kind of bike I get, I'm spending extra on a good helmet and a ridiculous bright-yellow riding suit - the kind that has reviews like "yeah, I was hit by a truck and walked away." I'm trying to be sensible about the risks I take; I do want to kitesurf and wingsuit and all that, but I also want to have a nice, full life ahead of me.

I'm feeling sleepy (this is very good - last night is the first night this week I was actually able to sleep, and I'm going to go back and be unconscious again now) and hungry (also good!) and generally mostly back to normal, which means yay work yay!!!! will happen again once I regain consciousness for the second time today. Yay!