Today, I...

  1. rediscovered that I'm really bad at sleeping (big surprise, I know)
  2. went down to Hollywood Video to try and find a movie (also, Bonnie wanted to watch the new Star Trek one, which I haven't seen yet) and discovered that the location nearest their apartment was closed
  3. climbed a hill and watched the sunset instead
  4. ...then discovered that they lock the gates at sunset, so instead of walking all the way around to find the open gate, I shrugged and scaled the fence
  5. (but climbed carefully down instead of leaping like I normally would have because I'm trying to be less extraordinarily stupid at the moment, and also because I didn't want to accidentally rip my brand-new Olin sweater)
  6. also on the "be less extraordinarily stupid" front, got back to Bonnie's apartment as night fell instead of walking through the (unfamiliar) streets of Pittsburgh in the dark, which is my usual (although very idiotic) habit when I first meet a new city
  7. played Matt's guitar, which is standard-size and therefore too big for me (I have tiny hands)
  8. ate Filipino food, which was both comforting and tasty
  9. talked with Bonnie about books we'd liked when we were kids
  10. generally speaking, took a breather and (I think) regained some functionality (will find out tomorrow whether this is the case).

Life is pretty good. Pittsburgh is a noisy city - it's got a lot of hills and a lot of little houses, and it used to have a lot of snow but it got warm and the snow melted, so I was slushing up and down through snow today, and it felt good to run and my socks didn't get soaked through enough to start being uncomfortable. There's sunshine here, and when the sun went down the whole sky lit up like it had caught on fire and someone had thrown a red blanket over it to smother out the flames, and the blanket had gotten snagged up in the trees - just lovely, especially with the traffic streaking past under the bridge. I dunno; there's just something about cities that I like, and it's good to just stand outside and breathe in the pulse of them. Granted, that probably means breathing in a lot of traffic exhaust too, but... y'know, it's a city. (And less smog-tastic equipment is getting installed/used/driven every day, so that's a good trend.)

Taking time to rest is an extremely good idea - I'm going to go and try to do the sleeping thing again now, because I've been extraordinarily bad about it for the past week or so, and I am really tired. If there is one ability that I've come to appreciate over the years, it's that no matter what the rest of my brain may be doing, I can always look around at things and go "ooh, shiny!" and be easily amused.

To that end, it's easy to cook a perfect egg atop a bowl of chili when you invert a second bowl almost perfectly over it (leave it a bit off-center so the steam can escape) - it makes a little pocket of hot steam that circles back around and cooks the egg just right. Mm, thermodynamics.

Okeydokey. Bedtime.