Colin Zwiebel has a nice description of the blog paper that Lynne May is using with her students. From the comments:

" people are introduced to tech tools, they have to deal with the issue of option overload. I think its a good exercise to learn that often you only care about a few key options."

I'm hoping that the "blog paper" templates (and the "trac ticket" templates, too!) will be posted up under a CC-BY-SA license sometime soon - I'm pretty sure that's the intent. They're very simple. In the meantime, the students have begun to post, and have also started to get comments on their blogs - which is very exciting for them. I need to learn how to set up a Planet-like feed aggregator for the class (suggestions welcome - I'd like something a bit more recent that isn't abandonware, as Planet itself hasn't been touched for several years).

Without further ado, here are the kids, under their "Sugar Names." If you read the comments, you'll notice their parents are also getting into the act. ;-)

They're still getting used to blogging and haven't gotten to the point of submitting their first bug reports yet, but I'm told that a few have since been discovered, so perhaps tomorrow (the next "upstream day" - where the class circles around to think about what they have done with SoaS over the past week and figures out what and how they want to report back upstream) we will hear more.