Sunday: bit of breakfast at home, then picked up the guys from the Babson hotel (which has free jellybeans) and ran through the supermarket grabbing hot pot ingredients (and shrimp chips), followed by (what else?) hot pot at the house after a chopping-vegetables-to-swing-music fest. I am not a particularly good teacher of chopstick usage; Greg is a better one. He and Lynne May ended up talking about literacy remediation while Sebastian taught Melanie how to fix the broken Record activity and I served as furniture for Audrey, who was rather insistent about sitting on my lap. Sugar Labs was discussed, guitar and piano played.

Then we did a Newbury Comics (Sebastian) and New England Mobile Book Fair (me) trip followed by an airport drop-off (Greg, who looked pretty tired by this point). I'd been waiting to get both Greg and Sebastian to Olin for some time now, so having them both around for the same weekend was nothing short of wonderful. This left a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening to stash the car at Kendall, walk down Mass Ave (popping out for coffee and dinner along the way, and just missing blues at Johnny D's) and take the T from Davis back to Kendall.

I showed off my three favorite Boston skylines (Longfellow Bridge, East Boston Piers Park, and Mass Ave) and we made it back to the house just in time to watch the Academy Awards. (Which, I hadn't realized before, was the first time Sebastian had gotten to see them despite being a film geek - they always air too late for German time. Actually, I hadn't realized it was the night of the awards until we got back to the house and the TV was on. In the meantime, I served as the victim subject of Melanie's photography assignment, which was a portrait; we arranged most of the available laptops in the house on the floor in a semicircle, and I proceeded to use them all simultaneously (fun, but uncomfortable when you're lying on your stomach on a wooden floor; would much prefer a table). Eventually the photographs changed from "Mel using the computers" to "Mel falling asleep on the floor in front of the computers" and I grabbed a glass of water and went to bed.

For about three hours. I was basically unable to sleep last night, waking up every 30-60 minutes to stare at the ceiling starting at 3am until I finally gave up just before 6am and decided to work for a bit. This mostly involved crawling (at agonizingly slow speed) through my email backlog from the weekend, since I'd last really checked email on Friday morning - I was far from my most efficient, and I didn't cleanly finish any of the other stuff I was supposed to do. Sigh. Had about half the day to get stuff done (I've got my OSDC article outlined in slide form, just not turned into prose) before Sebastian and I both had to lug our bags out to the train, then the airport, then part ways, whereupon my plane sat stuck upon the tarmac for an extended delay during which I decided I was incapable of being productive and would read about tourist attractions in Austin, TX instead.

Finally ended up at La Casa de Tesch close to 1am - Matt and Bonnie are being kind enough to host me during CSEET. Whacking this post out so I don't forget, and so I can clear my mind and actually, y'know, do work tomorrow morning before the 8am conference start.

Up In The Air is a good movie. Very, very good movie.

Bedtime now. I hope I'll actually be able to remain unconscious tonight.