From Luis Villa's post on wiki usage in law school classes:

In my experience, wiki writing- whether the goal is inclusion in Wikipedia or not- really should be part of the law school curriculum. It is better than traditional papers for teaching basic research and scholarship, and if done well, can also teach collaboration, editing, and other writing skills. There is still a lot to learn about the ‘done well’ part, but I hope Prof. Goldman and others continue to experiment with it. They’re doing the right thing even if their students don’t realize it yet :)

Worth reading. Also worth reading for engineering students frustrated and befuddled by those annoying "contract" things: what writing a contract feels like, explained in coding metaphors (analogy actually from Alex Macgillivray, but following Luis's blog is what led me there):

"To put it in computer terms, imagine the contract as a computer program. In each the object is to be able to interpret the words and have that interpretation drive a result. Now imagine that there is no compiler for your program and that you can’t run any tests. All debugging must be done only theoretically and in your head."