Mostly taken from this email call-for-participation that you may have seen around the mailing lists.

You may recall Robyn's call for participation on choosing talking points for F13 - verily, thanks to the help of many, they have been chosen, they are! From

For desktop users and everyone

  1. Automatic print driver installation
  2. Automatic installation of language packs
  3. Redesigned user management interface
  4. Color management
  5. NetworkManager improvements include CLI
  6. Experimental 3D extended to free Nouveau driver

For administrators

  1. BFO
  2. Authconfig UI redesign
  3. Pioneering NSF features
  4. Zarafa
  5. Experimenting with btrfs

For developers

  1. SystemTap static probes
  2. Easier Python debugging
  3. Parallel-installable Python 3
  4. NetBeans 6.8 first IDE to support entire Java 6 EE spec

New Spins

  1. Moblin Spin
  2. Sugar on a Stick Spin
  3. Design Studio Spin
  4. Security Spin

Now: to finish fleshing them out, we need your help. We're aiming for a finished product like the Fedora 12 talking points. See the links to feature pages, heavily hyperlinked descriptions, and catchy one-line summaries at the end? That's what we need for all the F13 talking points. So if you know cool things about a talking point that should be mentioned, good resources on it to link to, or otherwise have something to chip in, please add it to the wiki page; we'll be cleaning up the final display next week right before the Alpha goes out.