Braindumping in Toronto (still alive!) from the past few days before I conk out.

Random moments in the past few days:

  1. Fresh. Eggs. Ahhhhhhhh.
  2. Decompressing on Monday night - I didn't pre-freak-out before CSH and felt pretty calm during it (honestly, I had no time to be terrified), but towards the end when I was starting to come to myself again, I looked down and noticed my hand was shaking. "Oh," I thought. "My mind has calmed itself down by detaching, but I actually need to decompress from this AUGH I TALKED IN FRONT OF PEOPLE AUGH" thing. Proceeded to go for a long drive after CSH - nothing like city driving in the dark while singing Coldplay and Snow Patrol and Billie Holiday to calm you down again. (It does get better each time; every time I do a session, I rewire the part of my brain that's been made to think I'm not supposed to display knowledge of stuff.)
  3. Running the Fedora Marketing meeting from Sesame Street. I kid you not.

Longer posts to make at some point:

  1. Remainder of CSH presentation
  2. The coloring book analogy for FOSS co-ops
  3. Why FOSS Students Should Stay In School (inspired by Bert's post)
  4. ...and then a bunch of posts that are going to... there's a queue growing, we need to dump the queue to some "post ideas" wiki page and just start writing them.

Things I don't want to forget:

  1. Another CFS SoaS  blogger - Melanie Kim, deployment support. Coming soon to a Planet Sugar Labs near you. ;-)
  2. To do SoaS testing for the CFS deployment.
  3. To clean up Marketing meeting notes and attack the F13 talking points.
  4. To do POSSE pings and catch up on tickets and a few short-draft emails I was supposed to writel
  5. To sleep

With that in mind, I'm going to plant facedown in my pillow now.