Yesterday: transparency fail. Workwise, I ended up spending the entire day working in private backchannels - I tend to have a strong habit of pushing things to open upstreams, but it wasn't enough to overcome the friction this time. On the up side, netbooks came! And today was much better in terms of doing things transparently. Much.

My aunt and I were talking about SoaS deployment roles when we realized that RACI (which I was introduced to by my team at Red Hat) is identical to Quaker decision-making methods.

Watching "Sid the Science Kid" with Audrey made me realize (the episode was on "reversible change") that one of the things I subconsciously ask myself when making a decision is "is this change reversible?" or "am I replaceable?" - two ways of asking the same question. If I get hit by a bus, somebody else can run Fedora Marketing. But nobody else can be Jason's sister. But that's what it's about, right? You pass the bus/raptor test as much as you can for everything you can so you can focus on the stuff that you can't be replaced for, if the shit hits the fan. It also makes me reluctant to put myself in positions where I won't be replaceable.

Today - right now, to be specific - has been a good reminder that even when I'm a good vessel, I still need to buckle down and be a good workhorse sometimes. A lot of swarming pieces came together today, and I spent it in flow state between work stuff, stuff, grand challenges stuff, Olin stuff... the kind of momentum-building and convergence I can't explain, but just... feels... right. And now I'm looking at all the followup I ought to do on all of that and feeling very good, and very tired. Good-kind-of-tired. I'll try to explain more, maybe tomorrow when I'm actually awake.

Before I wake up, I must sleep. Before I sleep, I must finish the Marketing SOPs and send out a bunch of emails and and and and and. And I need to pace myself because once I start driving on Sunday morning I will not get any rest until approximately April 10. (And I am so, so looking forward to that.)

This is me writing when I'm tired.