Despite my attempts to wake up earlier (and I did, though I wasn't functional at 5am; more like 7) and get my focus-time started early in the day, something about night just makes me more productive. Maybe it's a combination of my mind being slightly sleepy, enough to slow and focus without bounding madly across the room every few minutes, plus over a decade's worth of conditioning that night is the one time of day I won't be interrupted by my parents, by my classmates asking for help... by anyone. It's the time I've always been able to lay claim to - my chronological territory.

I've mused on this before, frequently. I seesaw back and forth between accepting it and trying to change it. I'm still leaning towards the side of "change" this week, which means... I should go to sleep now. Kinda frustrating, because I feel like I just hit my groove in the past few hours - but if I'm actually to shift this timing, it's what I have to do. It helps to have something to wake up early for, which I do not have at the moment; September had the advantage[0] of 5am meetings with Singapore every Monday.

On the happier side of self-discipline, I've actually managed to maintain inbox zero for over a week now, which may be a new record. Woo!

[0] well, perhaps that ought to be "advantage." Though I did suggest that time, and I really didn't mind that much - it was something I wanted to do.