That last post about the FAD today wasn't all that well-written, but at 2:30am I'm satisfied with cranking out some informative text with links to actual logs and what-have-you. Since I tend to write in braindump style, the incoherent writing is likely evidence of incoherent thinking (which means I should get sleep soon). And David Nalley just headed to sleep - he was preceded by Chris Tyler - everyone else has long since dropped into unconsciousness - which means I'm the last of the FADders awake, which means I really should get sleep soon.

I know my team generally (1) always works and (2) never sleeps, but this past week's email and IRC timestamps have been particularly ridiculous. There are 4 of us, we're all in the continental USA, and I'm pretty sure the number of hours we've all simultaneously not been working in the past 7 days is... if not single-digit, very very close. I guess that's what happens when you're doing something you love. I sure do.

Unexpectedly got some more practice being on the wrong end of a camera (the side without all the cool shiny buttons and the viewfinder) today. I thought Greg and Chris Tyler were going to be doing filming for POSSE (and that I was going to get to - hurrah! - watch How They Did That Filming Thing from the sidelines). Instead, I arrived to find out that Greg was headed home to beat the storm and I was going to be in the POSSE video with Chris. After uttering several unprintable words, I proceeded to spend most of the remainder of the setup time anxiously pacing back and forth across the front of the classroom we were filming in.

However, I was less freaked out this time than last time (for the F12 video), so that's... improvement, right? Being pushed outside your comfort zone is good, and this is something that, at this point, I know I'm extremely unlikely to do unless I'm pushed. So I reckon I do appreciate it, even as I squirm some. When I'm able to be as normally relaxed and happy and excited in front of a camera or an audience as I am when I'm not, then I'll be satisfied.

The classical radio station was playing 12 variations on "Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman" (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), one of the solo piano pieces I played when I was in middle school. I rarely listen to recordings (by other people) of pieces that I've actually played myself, but when I do, it's rather entertaining. I'm a good enough pianist to know I'm not a good pianist because I'm able to recognize truly good pianists - and so I can do things like mutter about the lack of portomento in one variation, admire the clarity of the scale runs in another, and switch the station in frustration when my favorite variation is played at the wrong tempo wrong wrong wrong wrong how could they aaagh! and whatnot.

Then again, one of my favorite things to do with Mozart at the moment is to treat his music like one interpretation of a hypothetical fake book and play around with different rhythms and melodies around the same chord changes, so it's not like I treat classical music as intended either.

Haven't gotten to play guitar today. Will do that, briefly and softly, for a little bit - then go to bed. It's 3am, which is... early, for me. I'll try to sleep for a good 5 hours this time.