First, a non-SLOBs update: a number of us (led by Walter) are working on a grant proposal for the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Competition. It's due at the end of the day - if you have a moment to read or edit or comment on the proposal, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Now: what's up with SLOBs?


Walter has written more notes on the state of our finances, but the short version is that we've got about $7000 USD discretionary funds and really need someone who's not on the board to step up and be our financial officer for... well, ideally, a year, but I'd be happy with an interim volunteer for 2-3 months, which would give us time to figure out a better long-term solution. Email slobs AT lists DOT sugarlabs DOT org if you're interested or know someone who might be.


We approved $300 for shipping of Wikipedia's server donations - and since those machines stand a good chance of letting us not need to buy a $3000 machine, we deferred the motion to spend $3000 on that (the Infrastructure team will re-request the funding if it turns out that the Wikipedia server donations don't remove this need after all).


We're moving forward on the trademark process - here's a background briefing on the current state of our progress on it, and we appreciate everyone's patience (and simultaneously, everyone's impatience, as it keeps us moving forward!)

You can help us with the next step, which is generating trademark case studies. There are instructions on the page on how to contribute - the wiki page we're editing is called [[Trademark case studies]]. As I write this, the page is still a stub, but Sean Daly will be filling it in with a template and examples and instructions on how to contribute shortly (but feel free to leave notes and links there anyway in the absence of those instructions - we could use data to put through that process once Sean puts the process up).

That's it - Walter should be posting meeting minutes/logs shortly.